Monday, January 17, 2011

SUZI: Dairy Fasting

A lot of you know that Cooper had tummy problems for the first few months of his life.  (You might remember the entry about Bio Gaia probiotic drops several months ago.)  I did everything I could think of to help him - from tummy rubs to avoiding any food in my diet that could even remotely affect him.  If I read about some food that bothered breastfed babies, I knocked it out of my diet.  

One of those things was dairy.  Cooper didn't have any signs of a major reaction to dairy in my diet, but he did seem to be slightly sensitive.  His doctor suggested I try to cut out dairy (or at least cut back) to see if it made a difference for him.  I eliminated all obvious sources of dairy and have kept it up for several months.  Upon doing so, I realized just how much dairy I eat.  I drink quite a bit of milk.  I love yogurt.  And cheese.  And cream in my coffee.  And ice cream.  It's amazing how many things have dairy in them.  It did seem to make a difference for the little guy, so of course it was worth it.  But it hasn't been easy. 

Many people say babies can outgrow this sensitivity by 6 months.  I waited until Cooper turned 7 months and then started adding small amounts of dairy back into my diet.  It's amazing...when you haven't had milk for a while, even skim milk can taste like cream.  I bought a wedge of brie and it was gone way too soon.  Cereal just tastes better with milk on it.  There was a sale on ice cream at the store - Scott got one container, and I got two.  Scott got me a gift certificate to Cold Stone Creamery that hopefully we'll enjoy when we return.

Of course, I'd continue this "dairy fast" if I thought it would help him, but thankfully, Cooper seems to be dealing fine with this change in my diet.  All I can say is dairy is back and I'm pleased as punch!

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