Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bumper Munchies

So, we pulled our 2001 Ford Focus out of storage this week and immediately noticed a little something missing... much to our chagrin.  It looks something with teeth liked the taste of the bumper and gnawed its way through.  Odd.  Didn't count on coming back to driving a chew toy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Home... Again

So, to wrap up the last week... Jeremy & Shandrika had a beautiful baby girl, Natalie.  Nothing like the crack of dawn wake-up call from a father at the hospital!
The church went on a trip out of the city for last Friday's service.  We had a great buffet, games and worship in hills north of Amman, near Jerash. Check out our website for more pix and details.

Of course, on Sunday there was quite a bit of tears and some long hugs goodbye.  We have really come to love the people in Amman... all of the nationalities that make up our church there.  We will miss them terribly.  The Lord knows what's next for us... whether there or somewhere new, we've made some great friends and, hopefully, impacted some folks for the Kingdom.

We left Tuesday morning after dropping our gear off on Monday afternoon, going to Marka for service and inviting Sandra, Muteib & Madaline over one last time.  It seems we've gotten to know this route home fairly well... It's our third trip home from the Middle East.  Thankfully, all went well, in spite of a few changes in the baggage policy that sent my roll-on to the baggage carousel.
We got home to beautiful weather and amazing green grass... which I find myself walking thru even if it makes the trip a little longer!