Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Take Care So Much

Perhaps I just finished a call at work by saying, "OK, take care so much..." There were no pauses.  The "Thanks" that was supposed to go with "so much" just didn't appear.  Then the call was over.  And I wanted to immediately call back and say, "Here's the 'Thanks' I dropped on the floor a moment ago..."

But I didn't.  I just let that nice person think I was nuts.

So, I leave you with Brian Regan on this Tuesday...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SUZI: Pushing the Pause Button

We started this blog when we moved overseas as a tool for our family, friends, and supporters to keep updated about our lives.  We’ve shared personal stories, posted pictures and shared thoughts on a myriad of topics.  Since we’ve returned home it has somehow moved down the list of priorities.  Amid a house that has been turned upside down in construction for months, a new career for Scott, major family/church changes (i.e. Scott’s dad passing away), it’s just not on the top of our list right now.  January is a crazy, crazy, absolutely packed month – Scott’s preparing for several events at his job, Suzi’s working to get baseboards painted so carpet can be laid at the end of the month, we’re preparing to transition to some new financial software at the church and, of course, we’re trying to have lots of fun with the little guy.

We don’t want to feel pressured about not writing…that wasn’t the original intent of doing this.  Yet, “Write something for the blog!  Write something for the blog!” sort of looms over our heads.  So, we’re taking a month off.  You won’t see anything new from us in January except maybe some pictures on Facebook.  It’s just one of those seasons of life where you have to cut out any extraneous things!

Have a great month, and hope to see you in February!