Saturday, December 26, 2009

Old School Snacks

When I was a kid, we lived in Houston, TX and my dad managed a Christian bookstore. Pentecostal Bookstore was on Eastex Freeway in a rather crazy neighborhood (dealers would buy offering envelopes for dimebags; the store was robbed 3 times) between a sleazy, Fed-dodging "health practitioner" and tiny family owned gas station. My sister and I spent a lot of summer & weekend days camped out in the office or in the back room reading Chick comics and counting pencils. Even now, when I go into a local bookstore, I drink in that distinct scent that only a hot imprint machine, cellophane-wrapped tract bundles & plastic-framed angels can create.

What got me on this little historical trip was my last package of peanut-butter-cheese-crackers. You see, when lunch was gone and dinner was still a long cash count & commute away, I'd run across the cracked asphalt parking lot to the gas station to grab a snack. Clutching my sweaty Coke and crackers, I'd recline at the store bookkeeper's desk as the window AC jugged out a symphony of frozen notes and Dallas Holm kept time out on the sales floor; a 10 year-old's desperate hunger kept a bay.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Past... Christmas Future

And the holidays are in mid-spin! Although I have to say, as I'm sure many in this region do, Christmas music is just notes & tempos with the lack of snow and cold. It's been getting in the low 50s where we live in Amman... not exactly icy conditions... But there's hope for January; a few years ago, there was some much snow the city shut down for a couple of days!

We did get turkey & trimmings thanks to Linda Reed & Sandra Marrar... and a real live pecan pie. No kidding... I tried not to rush dinner to get to desert. The fun part was Mylen... she'd never been a part of an American Thanksgiving. It got me thinking about the traditions that we hold so dear. It's amazing that every year, hundreds of millions of us eat the EXACT same food on the EXACT same day. Weird when you think about it (as opposed to comforting and nice, I guess).

Suzi & I moved into the 3rd Circle office/apartment a few weeks ago and have adjusted to the idea of living by ourselves again. It seems it's been awhile since we've had our "own" place and as much as I'd like to think I could live out of a crate, in a tent, I like having my stuff unpacked. We're actually putting up Christmas decorations (thanks to the Reed's!) this week.

Suzi is progressing nicely. That baby bump continues to grow and the goldfish it seems she swallowed keeps brushing its tail against the side of the bowl. There's certainly something cooking in there! A couple of our friends had their babies in the past week (Go Langleys & McChristians!) and Jaime is due in 60 days or so... how does it work that way? It couldn't be the water, we were all drinking different stuff! This weekend, the office storage room will get cleaned out and we'll start setting up a nursery... absolutely amazing.