Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cooper Goes to Preschool

In what became a major turning point in my parental education, we've chosen a preschool, enrolled our son and have successfully gotten him there, on time, for several weeks. This is big.

I used to hear parents discussing moving into a community or across the city and having that wow-moment as they discussed pros/cons of different schools.  No one wanted X Teacher in X grade or there was some problem with testing at the feeder high school... it went on and my eyes glazed over. I didn't have kids and that process was totally foreign to me. Like changing a diaper.

Then Suz said it was time for Cooper to go to preschool and I said, "Great, where?" And the shopping began... how many times per week/hours per day, absence policies, curriculum, ad nauseum. She narrowed it down, did site visits, we went to an open house and then... it was first day.

The staff at Timber Lake Christian Preschool are just fabulous; from the first day when they met Cooper in the hall and called him by name. He's coming home with all kinds of skills and having great experiences.

So, here's a couple of shots from his first day going to school... he's so proud of his Spiderman backpack and the songs he learns... and the "Q" he can write and... the list goes on. We're pretty proud too...