Monday, December 26, 2011

My Li'l Poser

A few days ago, while brushing her teeth, Suz realized Cooper was copying her in mirror. Now we can get a "smile" with the command, "Cooper, show us your teeth!"

This has opened up all sorts of photo ops... It's also created a monster of cuteness. Cooper has started posing for pictures.  He leans over, maybe because I'm leaning in to get the shot.  And his li'l smile is at full wattage.  I don't know how much cuter this kid can get without causing me to implode.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time... is here...

Christmas for our family is a two part affair.  Christmas Eve for the Czechs and Christmas Day for the Americans.

We always hit Suzi's family for fish and presents on the 24th.  The 25th is the traditional turkey and Ted's pork roast... which may not be tradition at your house, but then you've never had Ted's Pork Roast.  (Capitalized there because it should be.  Like Old Faithful or Disneyland...)

So, here come some shots of the chaos 'round the tree at Sasha's last night... and the traditional Couch Family Picture.  For eons, Jan always took a family shot on the couch.  It's fallen to me to pull out his tripod and keep that flame burning.  I don't begrudge it a bit.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Memorial DVD Available

If you missed the Dad's Memorial Service or just want to re-live a wonderful evening, this is your chance.  This DVD includes the two hour event, plus the slide show from the Visitation.  Proceeds will benefit the Pastor McGarvey Memorial Fund.

Memorial DVD - $5
Memorial DVD - $8 (with shipping)

You can use the convenient Paypal button below to pay via direct debit or credit card. You may also send a check to Memorial DVD c/o APC, 2197 Six Mile Lane, Moberly, MO  65270.  Be sure to include your mailing address.  If you choose the Pick It Up option, please let me know how you plan on doing that in the order form's special instructions section.


And to give you a brief glimpse of what's included,
here's Jaime's Eulogy to "All the Kids' Daddy."