Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blood Tests

Part of living here longterm means doing some paperwork... and part of that paperwork is a blood test.  Today Suzi went to get her test (I got mine a few months ago).  It's a typical gov't affair involving a few short lines and JD20.  Once it's back in a few days, we'll complete the process. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Posts

OK... since we were having trouble getting our ISP to show off our previous, hand-made blog entries after "The Great Platform Change of 2008" we switched over to Blogger... and now our lives are so happy and wonderful that everywhere we step Skittles sprout on stems of Twizzlers.

Anyway, we've manually moved our previous posts over and marked them as "Old Posts."  It's the same great content you've come to expect in a fancy, new, easy to use wrapper...

Fun Times!

OLD POST: Obama’s in my town (Tuesday, July 22, 2008)

While it may come as no surprise to those in the Heartland, Obama’s on the campaign trail... except he’s out here in ME. Today’s li’l stop at the Citadel in downtown drew some cheers.  People here are pretty happy about this guy... in fact, some thought he had already won the election (“Oh, he hasn’t?  Then who’s he running against?”  Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up!).  Obama gets a lotta press in the States and it’s all folks see over here.  They’re looking forward to the change.

OLD POST: School's In Session (Saturday, July 12, 2008)

  Our Bible School sessions are in full swing... twice a week a different subject is covered by a variety of teachers.  Each session is translated into Sinhalese.  Above are the two of us with Dami, one of our awesome translators.
  Subjects include Dealing with Difficult people, Why We Pray, Gifts of the Spirit and many more... if you can’t make it, just order a CD set!

OLD POST: Suzi gets printed (Tuesday, July 1, 2008)

 Barely a month into her stay and Suz has to go downtown to get fingerprinted... actually, they tell us, it’s for her own good.  In order to extend her stay, we’re required a visit to the Police to register (standard procedure in any country).  This is the first time for such an in-depth process!
  Everyone was very nice... as they all are in Jordan.
  Ahlan wa Salan!

OLD POST: I Love Technology... (Saturday, June 14, 2008)

  This job is a bit easier than just a few years ago when text, SKYPE, Vonage, etc just weren’t available.  Here’s my sister via iChat (multi-tasking, I might add...).
  I know it’s cliche’ but every blog needs one of these entries and I have to say, I’m pretty grateful for the advances made.  We totally take for granted the ability to shoot off a few lines and a pic... AND someone gets it a minute later, 1/2 way around the world.
  Makes things easier on the heart and the mind.

OLD POST: Suzi Is HERE! (Tuesday, June 3, 2008)

  Let the weeping end and the festivities begin!

  I got there early... and waited.  You know, airports are the same all over... people show up, there are friends and family to greet them... and there’s always chaos at the baggage claim (and sometimes the guy wants a $20 to haul your gear outside...good luck with that, habib!). 
  Airports always make me want to go somewhere.
  (I’m pretty proud of the gift basket & flowers...!)

OLD POST: Wanna Car bad enough? (Monday, June 2, 2008)

So, just outside of Carrefour at City Mall, Play FM is giving a car away to one of 4 guys who can live in it long enough... they’re up to 12 days so far.  They get a break every so often to hit the bathroom, but they eat, sleep, play, etc.... in the car.

OLD POST: My kinda fries (Monday, May 19, 2008)

This is on my way home from Amman... I pass by and the Chili-cheese wedges, with Cola, Take-Away, calls my name.

A siren song I cannot resist... Why? Why?

Why not...?  They’re just so tasty... (insert Anncr-Man voice) “Plus, you get this great plastic container to wash, dry and save for later use!”

OLD POST: 30 Days in Country (Friday, May 16, 2008)

Today marked 30 days for me in Jordan. It’s nice, I’ve gotten into a relatively common pattern of business.  I’m understanding the flow of things.  I can get around to places in Marj Al Hamam and in Amman... Except that I’m sick.  Again.  It seems this is a common occurrence.  A Gross One.  I made it thru the Sri Lankan Bible Study and part-way thru the Intn’l Srvc.  In other news, we ate at Vy and I had a very nice chicken salad.  

OLD POST: My First Big Mac (Monday, April 21, 2008)

  Some of you know I have to pick up a li’l Mcee-Dee’s everywhere I stay... just to try out the Special Sauce on a Sesame-seed Bun.
  Ronald’s doin’ a good thing out here in the ME... right on Abdoun Circle!
  At left, my new GSM SLVR, keys to Contour, some Dinars and evidence of some good times about to come...
  “I’m Lovin’ It!”

Crowds & crashes

I've always been fascinated by the huge crowds of people seen in news footage at the scene of some disaster. In the western world it seems people keep on about their business, but here it seems like any reason to get together is reason enough. One night a few days ago, we were on our way home and noticed traffic was much more congested than usual... Amman has numerous tunnels and viaducts for traffic flow (as opposed to overpasses). We joined the crowd jostling for rail space at this accident. It seemed the car flipped as it rounded the corner of the tunnel exit and slid on it's roof for some meters. Amazingly, the couple inside walked to the ambulance (once it made it's way thru the crowd). After a cautionary foam spray, a group of emergency workers flipped the car over... and we bailed before traffic started moving again.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Aaand... We're back...

Sorry for the long wait to get content back on our site. July was a bit of a crazy month with Bible School, guest visits, etc... then our site provider changed platforms so when we were all ready to post... there was a content freeze.
But, let’s all just be grateful that we have this fantastic medium to stay in touch, shall we? Scott? Hmmm? : )
So, a few notes of interest...
We finally have pictures posted from a variety of events including Jerusalem and our friend, Rachel’s, visit... and the one above of our dear Eritrean friends here in Amman!
Scott got bitten by a spider in the night and after much prayer and an Adam-imposed ER visit, things are doing much better... but not before the bite got to be 4cm in diam. & grew red streaks... nasty!
Suzi continues to teach English 4x per week to students in their homes.
Airport road got a partial rehab and there are, no kidding, lines that create 2 lanes. What does this mean? Well, before the lines there were, well, no lines & 4 imaginary lanes (& a 5th for that guy in the Merc). So, it’s all kinds of fun to see us jockeying for position. Go GAM (Greater Amman Municipality)!
The dogs got a bath... always a good time in the tub! (And, might I add, never a better bunch of canines could be whining or thrashing about.)