Saturday, August 16, 2008

Aaand... We're back...

Sorry for the long wait to get content back on our site. July was a bit of a crazy month with Bible School, guest visits, etc... then our site provider changed platforms so when we were all ready to post... there was a content freeze.
But, let’s all just be grateful that we have this fantastic medium to stay in touch, shall we? Scott? Hmmm? : )
So, a few notes of interest...
We finally have pictures posted from a variety of events including Jerusalem and our friend, Rachel’s, visit... and the one above of our dear Eritrean friends here in Amman!
Scott got bitten by a spider in the night and after much prayer and an Adam-imposed ER visit, things are doing much better... but not before the bite got to be 4cm in diam. & grew red streaks... nasty!
Suzi continues to teach English 4x per week to students in their homes.
Airport road got a partial rehab and there are, no kidding, lines that create 2 lanes. What does this mean? Well, before the lines there were, well, no lines & 4 imaginary lanes (& a 5th for that guy in the Merc). So, it’s all kinds of fun to see us jockeying for position. Go GAM (Greater Amman Municipality)!
The dogs got a bath... always a good time in the tub! (And, might I add, never a better bunch of canines could be whining or thrashing about.)

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