Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where's the Snow?

It's been raining like nuts this weekend... But NO SNOW!  This weekend was forcasted to be a winter wonderland and we haven't gotten anything so far... Lotsa rain, but nothing of the WHITE stuff!  It's not like it hasn't been frigid... below freezing at night and low 40s in the day.
I caught this shot last night on the way to Marka... the water was so deep in the streets, there were waves flowing down hill.  It was crazy.  But in all, there's no one complaining.  Lord knows we need it...
We got a taste of Fuddrucker's today with Cyndy... a little beef bacon and onion straws on a flame-broiled burger makes the sleet a bit more bearable.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

God STILL Made the Day... & Donuts!

So... there are days when the sun shines and you're at the beach all day.  And there are other days when the sun shines and you drop your mobile in the toilet while in a hurry to get out the door! Both days are God-given and a li'l Donuts Factory action always helps you get thru a water-logged afternoon... God's grace takes care of the rest!  (BTW... Does the box look a little suspicious? Like maybe you've seen that logo somewhere before?  The taste is the same, too!)
We made a quick run to Cairo (the resturant!) to get some Frekah and Mansaf this week.  It's a place downtown that's hard to find and hard to forget.  We're always game for a Cairo stopover.  While it looks a little scary, Suz said the goat was really good... Cairo always has great Mansaf!
A few quick notes: Cyndy, who has been working here since last Fall, is transitioning out of the country this week and we're ramping up to take her responsibilities as well as maintaining our own.  Last week, Christy arrived to assist in the church's fellowship house among other things (re: "Duties as Assigned!").  We're grateful to have her on board for the next few months.
Keep us & our team in prayer... there are great things happening in our Sri Lankan and Filipino fellowships.  God is working!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The End is near... but not quite.

When we showed up onsite a full week ago, we were carrying snacks... as those who know us well can only imagine.

I have bad news...

The Snyder's Butter Snaps are gone... save some crumbles left in the bottom of the bag.

These are certainly dire times that try men's souls.

In other happier news, our friends at Safeway off Airport Road snuck in some Fritos and that makes me very happy.  So happy in fact, I bought two bags.  I don't understand why every other brand of Lay's can be on the shelf for months at a time, yet Fritos makes such a Diva style appearance.  When we were in Prague, it was Nacho Cheese Dorritos... could only get those in Germany.  We've learned you can't pass these things up.  Whether you need it or not, you just don't know when the Fritos might show up again.

It's a totally rainy & dreary day... full of fog and wind.  Now, before you say, "Ah, those poor souls!" know that this weather is what'll sustain us thru a very dry 6 months or more.  Last year when we were here, we only saw it truly rain once in 7 mos.  Such is Life is the Desert...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Arrival 2009

We got in to Amman Tuesday night on time and in great spirits... we'd managed to sleep most of the flight which not good for overcoming jetlag, but perfect if you want to be coherent for a few hours after you land.  Of course, it meant we were wide awake before the crack of dawn and then crashed later on Wednesday.  Many thanks to our pick up crew who met us at the airport and dragged all our gear home!

The city is the same as we left it a couple of months ago and it's nice to be "home" again.  It's been dry unfortunately, with very little rain to speak of... which won't bode well for the summer months.  The dogs we're watching were naturally overjoyed to see us and are currently conked out on the couch in contented slumber.

Yesterday was spent unpacking and a errand running... followed by a visit to the ladies at OWWA.  It was great not to see many familiar faces since so many of our regular Bible study friends had returned home.  Unfortunately, many more took their places... the work is never done.

For those of you tracking our newest bag acquisition, we're proud to announce that the Eagle Creek Tarmac 28 is indeed the goodlooking brute it's advertised to be.  We love its "No Matter What" guarantee, hefty frame and 11 lb weight.  They, along with 4 crates, arrived with nary a hitch and for that we're grateful!