Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Arrival 2009

We got in to Amman Tuesday night on time and in great spirits... we'd managed to sleep most of the flight which not good for overcoming jetlag, but perfect if you want to be coherent for a few hours after you land.  Of course, it meant we were wide awake before the crack of dawn and then crashed later on Wednesday.  Many thanks to our pick up crew who met us at the airport and dragged all our gear home!

The city is the same as we left it a couple of months ago and it's nice to be "home" again.  It's been dry unfortunately, with very little rain to speak of... which won't bode well for the summer months.  The dogs we're watching were naturally overjoyed to see us and are currently conked out on the couch in contented slumber.

Yesterday was spent unpacking and a errand running... followed by a visit to the ladies at OWWA.  It was great not to see many familiar faces since so many of our regular Bible study friends had returned home.  Unfortunately, many more took their places... the work is never done.

For those of you tracking our newest bag acquisition, we're proud to announce that the Eagle Creek Tarmac 28 is indeed the goodlooking brute it's advertised to be.  We love its "No Matter What" guarantee, hefty frame and 11 lb weight.  They, along with 4 crates, arrived with nary a hitch and for that we're grateful!

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