Friday, January 7, 2011

Two Things Thursday

OK... I get a waiver for yesterday... I was slingin' 250 lbs of bags all over creation and wasn't paying for a "Boingo" hotspot.  Call me cheap.

This morning/afternoon (depending on which clock/watch you reference) we made it into Prague and very successfully at that.  More about the city and our amazing location later, today we talk Cooper and his travelin' skilz.  This kiddo did fantastic.  Charmin' the socks off the gate agents and navigating the moving walkways with aplomb.  I'll admit, I wasn't totally looking forward to this trip.  He was older, totally mobile and vocal about it.  But we had no issues with ears popping and only one instance of meltdown... and that was more related to an interrupted mamma/son dinner time. To the dude in front of us who decided that particular time was his chance to work out the kinks in his knees and stare down over the seatback, I have one long, drawn out word for you:  Eeewwwwww.

And second is a celebration of the Disney concept that "A distracted wait is shorter than an un-distracted wait."  Why do they put those monitors in line at Six Flags?  It's to keep you watching while you're waiting 2 hours for 34 seconds of Mr. Freeze.

"See, kids? It's not so bad on a Saturday in July after all!  Why, we'll just watch this short clip two dozen times and it'll make the time fly!"

You might use your reading lamp for reading, but intrepid moms use theirs to strengthen neuron bonds and bridge new synaptic gaps.  And to keep that li'l guy from climbing right over the seat and into the hairpiece of the Eewww dude's wife in front.

Yep, fancy stuff on the Boeings these days.

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