Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two Things Thursday

A few nights ago, I stepped outside with Cooper to take a quick walk around the square.  It was so foggy you could barely see from one end to the other.  I mentioned this to Jaromir later in the evening.  According to him, this kind of fog is rare... and I knew immediately that meant I'd be out late.  Who could pass up such amazing, mysterious shots?  I grabbed my DSLR, two lenses, my Speedlight and triggers, and my video camera.  This was gonna be an all-nighter.

As I walked out the door, I checked my camera battery; 1/2 would surely last.  I glanced at the wall charger glowing merrily with a second battery in mid-charge. I decided to chance it.  Obviously, you, dear reader, know the rest of the story.  You don't use "I decided to chance it" when everything turns out roses and sunshine.  That's just Lit 101.  Sure enough, half way to my intended destination, the SLR freezes up... battery dead.  
Knowing I'd picked my poison from the outset, I pushed on across town to Charles Bridge.  Hoping to get off at least one shot while the battery rested, warm in my bag.  I crossed onto the bridge as the lights came up, the mist blowing across the beams like a scene out of Sherlock Holmes.   Sometimes you've got one chance at coolness... plant your feet and take the shot.

Cooper's got his own youtube channel.  CooperCast will give you a little window into what's going on with the li'l guy.  There's too many folks out there who haven't fallen under Mark Z's FB spell and don't have access to to what we've posted there.  I could keep updating our website, but it's another piece of busy work, so we'll just link from youtube to FB and our site.  I can't guarantee something on a weekly basis, but we'll try for some regular stuff... Enjoy!

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