Saturday, January 22, 2011

Speed Check

For the Missouri readers out there, Gov. Jay Nixon implemented a program to increase the speed and accessibility of internet access in the state.  In 2009, Nixon requested $142 million from the Feds to improve broadband access throughout rural communities and in his state of the Union address, he noted that "more than $260 million will be coming to Missouri." 

According to a Columbia Tribune article, surveys are going out to 4000 mid-Missourians to get an idea of what they pay, the speed they get and where they get web access.  According to those involved with MissouriBroadbandNow, the state has an access rate of nearly 80% and Nixon is pushing for 95% of the population to have web access by 2014.  The survey results will be used by regional technology planning teams to implement Nixon's goal.

It's an admirable idea, IMHO... if you get a survey, fill the thing out and send it back in!  You voice represents a whole lot of other folks.  The program is also providing speed tests and is tracking the results.  I know there are plenty of sites to check your speed, but this gives a map of access, so go check in and let 'em know what's going on out here... faster speeds and access are on the line.

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