Monday, January 31, 2011

Facebookin' Rant

OK... I have to keep talking about this...

I just issued a fairly strong ultimatum to a huge list of people on a Facebook thread I was tagged into.  In it I said I would delete anyone who replied to the thread from my friend list.  I know.  Heavy stuff.  But, something had to be done.  The thread was dead.

Now,  I don't mind the original intent of the thread.  It was an innocent Christmas wish from a good friend to all of his friends.  But then, weeks later, a very young FB user resurrected the thread looking for someone with which to "chat."  (There's an age limit on FB... this kid was too young and thus should have never been in this forum to begin with.)  A week later people are calling names and yelling about why the thread still exists, yet they are the ones perpetuating this mindless blather!  Blather, I might add, of which I am an unwilling participant.

This constant mouthing about mundane issues, along with the occasional "poking," is one the reasons I resisted FB for so long.  I don't want to get wrapped up in who's ticked off at who or for what or how their garden is growing or their mafia hit squad's doing.  I suppose some people do, but if I stand on the sidelines with my ears covered, don't mind me.

This, I believe, is the inherent fault of FB.  I respond to friend requests... and "friend" other people to create meaningful connections.  There are some I refuse because I don't know them or because I don't want their putrid wall content mucking up mine.  The concept of FB is "friends." People you know.  This idea of "friending" everyone out there whether or not you have a relationship is not only pointless, but it creates issues such as the one I described above.

I'm not being harsh here... just realistic.  (And, it seems, a bit snarky, per Suzi)

So, for those who've held out of FB this long, more power to you!  Resist its societal tentacles!  Resist the whirlpool of albums, calendars, quizzes and farmyard pets!  Hold fast to your belief that friends should call or text or *GASP* send out an actual note written on paper!  I support you... but first I've got to update my status, post some pictures and make sure this blog entry appeared on my wall.

And that'll be the end of my rant.  Thank you.

After all of that... A few minutes later, someone actually replied to my comment the thread... no kidding.

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