Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Things Thursday

Deer season in the States is well and done, I believe.  For those who aren't in a county full of deer, you missed the constant pop-pop-pop that comes along with culling the local herd.  The majority of folks out there are shooting with traditional deer rifles.  A few, however, are knockin' off antlers with a black rifle.  I wondered how prevalent this may be and then ran across this ad for Trijicon optics in Guns & Ammo.  Follow the sight line of the picture... shouldn't there be a bad dude in some foreign country downrange from that AR-15?  And why's the shooter wearing Blaze Orange?
One of the points made in the debate between traditional, bolt-action rifles (say, the Remington 700) versus what we civilians call a military rifle (typically the AR-15 body) is that the guns used to hunt over the past 50-60 years have been the same guns used in combat.  Guys came home from the War to put meat on the table with the same piece they used in the service.  Whether this becomes the case with the AR-15 or not over the next 5-10 years remains to be seen, but visual is interesting, nonetheless.

So, I'm supposed to come up with a second item today, but for the life of me I'm struck dumb.  I could talk about being in Prague and the great two services we've had.  I could mention that Cooper's sleeping better for the past few nights mainly because we had a heart-to-heart with him about how he needs to be a big boy.  And then there's always that debate over whether Coke in the States tastes different than Coke overseas, but I settled that one to the affirmative with the last can I had today... it's just not the same.  To close I'll celebrate the fact there's a Burger King in the mall two blocks down from us... yep, a li'l bit of Whopper heaven whenever the urge hits ya'.

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