Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Things Thursday

One of the things I got really comfy with in Jordan was the steady exchange rate.  The Jordanian Dinar is "pegged" to the US Dollar... it hasn't changed from it's current state of $1 to .71JD in years.  This meant our currency's value stayed the same.
In the Czech Republic, however, the Koruna (or "Crown") fluctuates multiple times a day.  This morning, $1 was worth 17.68Kc.  This evening it rang in at 17.66Kc.  In the past two weeks it's dropped nearly 2Kc.  That means the money I withdrew from the ATM three days ago is worth less today.  In fact, when I went to pay our rent, from the time that I pulled the cash 'til I paid the bill, I "lost" over $14 due to  consecutive drops in value.  Amazing isn't it?  This is why currency trading is a lucrative and totally devastating game.  
So, we watch the market carefully before we pull cash.  If the value starts to edge up, it's time to hit the ATM!

Tonight we had friends from church over for dinner.  Suzi pulled off an awesome goulash-type concoction and whipped together a berry/nut cobbler... just good soul food on a snowy Prague night.  Cooper was the epitome of perfection and provided a decent amount of the night's entertainment.  This included showing off his four front teeth by taking chunks out of an apple.  Table-side tricks and a darling smile... the kid's a natural.

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