Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Things Thursday

Hmm... TTT... Two Things Thursday.

Shall we start a little ongoing ditty with that?  Two completely different subjects discussed in two paragraphs each. This sounds fun...  Of course, I'll have to write up a process on how to remember to have two things to discuss every Thursday (I have complete confidence in those skills).  And, just to up the ante, the first person to remind me, on the following Friday, that I've forgotten TTT will receive a Valuable PRIZE.  Yep, we're crossing the line into interactive blogging.   That's where you, our dear readers, get involved.

I become attached to various products and brands and tend to be extremely loyal.  I got all excited about G-Tech hard drives when I switched over to Mac a few years ago and have had a 250GB as my primary Firewire bus-driven media storage for some time.  All movies, music and pictures started there and then backed up to a 1TB Seagate in a Rosewill case.  Several weeks ago, I'd run outta space and excitedly upgraded to a 500GB.  BTW, I name all my drives after comic characters: Silver Surfer (500GB), Rogue (250GB), Cyclops (500GB), Wolverine (1TB), The Thing (16GB usb), etc. Call me a geek, but these are the things that make me happy.
Wednesday, I noticed that Cyclops had mysteriously dismounted and to my dismay wouldn't power back up.  Naturally, I hadn't backed it up since I bought it and panic ensued.  After trying all manner of cable options and resisting the urge to throw it thru the sheetrock (WWMSD?), I rang up G-Tech to get an RMA for that vaunted 3-year warranty.  My next call was to Mac Xperts who, for a small fee, pulled the drive apart and dumped everything back onto Rogue.  Cyclops will take a little trip and come back a happier camper.  Let this be your warning: BACK UP YOUR STUFF!

Cooper headed in to see Nurse Jackie for a couple of pokes today.  She came out to the waiting room to make friends with him before we eased into the exam room for the dirty business.  Cooper had to know something was up.  There was just way too much happiness and frivolity.  Sure enough, his suspicions were confirmed when, seconds after this shot, he got two of his own.  One for each thigh.  And then we had to stick around in the room for a bit while tears were dried up.  There's just nothing worse than that open-mouth, silent scream.
I was there when he was born, but I still can't get involved in the nitty-gritty medical stuff.  When Nurse Jackie pulled out the syringes, I thought, "MAN, those things are huge," and kinda eased around where I could block out the actual puncture and, you know, focus on Cooper.  We've got two more sessions this year and then a break until 9 months.  Cooper and I are both pretty happy about that.

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