Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SUZI: Mom Stuff I love... and the Other Stuff

Things I love as a mom:
~ Nuk Genius Pacifiers
They are definitely more expensive, but there are bigger air holes and the outside piece is smaller.  Right now, Cooper is slobbering a ton which causes him to break out where his pacifier sits.  The Genius Pacifier helps cut down on that.  Plus, how can you resist a pacifier called the "Genius"?
~ Huggies Overnight Diapers
These have saved us from wet PJs for many nights.  That also means no wet sheets and less "emergency" diaper changes.  And that's a wonderful thing.
~ Cooper's Laugh
Cooper is laughing more and more over simple things.  We were recently at a Wendy's, and Cooper was sitting contentedly in his car seat on the floor next to my chair (this is an amazing feat in and of itself).  I was saying ridiculous thing to him like "bababababa" or leaning and in saying "HELLO!"  Apparently it was just too hilarious, and Cooper was laughing nearly histerically.  Scott said he could hear him across the store.  While I'm sorry to be an obnoxious parent to all the people around me, I thoroughly enjoyed watching him laugh.

Things I so do not love:
~ PJs with a lot of snaps
Cooper hates footed PJs.  If I put footed PJs on him, he tries to pull the footed part off.  The futility is absolutely frustrating to him (although slightly hilarious to me).  I have some that seem super comfy that are un-footed, but they have snaps.  A lot of them.  13 to be exact.  Did the manufactures try snapping 13 snaps in near darkness at 4AM?  This was the best design they could come up with?  Really?  Isn't there a "testing closet" they can slip into, turn off the light and then say, "Wow, 13... That's just not gonna work!" 
~ Changing leaky diapers in public
I don't mind changing diapers.  It's not my favorite thing, but it certainly isn't my least favorite thing in the world.  But I really don't like doing it in public when Cooper has had an accident, and it is all over his clothes.  Where do you even start?  At home I can rinse him off, but it isn't that easy in public.  There's all the stuff you need and never quite enough room for it all - changing pad, diaper cream, a "cover" (lest Cooper let loose again on everything), diaper, wipes, baggie for the soiled clothes, new clothes.  What do you start you take off the clothes or get the diaper...all while trying to keep it from spreading?  Ick.  [If you are ever in the Columbia, MO mall and need to change a diaper, make sure to use the bathrooms near the Food Court.  I've never seen such family-friendly bathrooms anywhere.  There's even a nursing room complete with a rocking chair (which by the way, you can also use as a "shelf" for all of your things when using the changing station right next to it.  It definitley makes the public changing much easier.)]
~ Checking on the baby and, instead, waking him up
Like I just did.  I heard a cry on the monitor.  I waited to see if he cried again.  He didn't.  This would indicate that he went back to sleep, and that I should not check on him.  But what if he quit crying because something is wrong?  This reasoning makes absolutely no sense to someone who gets sleep on a regular basis.  For those of us who don't sleep much, this makes perfect sense.  When I went into the room, the door squeaked...loudly.  This woke the baby up.  This is not the first time I have done such madness.  I have also kicked the crib on accident when "sneaking" away after checking on the baby.  
I am my own worst enemy.

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