Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cooper Shots

Somehow, time got away from me and I didn't get Cooper's 5 month photos published.  Actually, I know how time got away from me, but there's no reason to go pointing fingers or laying blame at doorsteps, you know, that partisan kinda thing and all.
Anyway, last month we went into the shoot with the intent of doing our normal, lay-the-kid-on-his-back-and-shoot-til-something-cute-shows-up routine.  But instead we got this:

So glad we could communicate that to each other: I don't like laying down anymore...
Cooper's contract now specifically states:
"Model will not be required to lay on back during scheduled photo shoots or a serious and absolute conniption will be thrown, alerting the neighbors that you are terrible parents.  And you don't want that."

So we started with sitting up, but first had to get him to quit grabbing the camera:

All our hard work paid off... and once again we captured the beauty and mystique that embodies a growing boy... we thought about trying to capture the other part of that mystique that happens at 3AM, but it was too dark and the flash would have blinded us all, probably causing me to trip into the changing table, and coming away with a handful (if I'm lucky) of the Goo-That-Requires-Showering.  So, you don't get to see that part.  Although, feel free to stop by for a personal experience anytime you happen to have late night cravings.  Bring some Steak-n-Shake if you do.

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