Sunday, October 10, 2010

SUZI: An Anniversary

One year ago today, early in the morning, I received a call that forever changed my life.  We had been in Jordan for five days when we got the news that my dad had suddenly, and very unexpectedly, died.  Scott immediately started making phone calls to the airlines.  Once he finished, we had twenty minutes to get dressed, pack and head out the door.  It's funny what you pack in moments like those.  We realized later that we had all kinds of electronics but no chargers to most of them.  We had odds and ends of clothing.  No matter what we had or didn't have in our suitcases, we were miraculously home 24 hours later.

When you lose someone as significant as a parent, there's a whole host of mixed emotions that flood you.  You feel empty with the loss, yet full for the privilege of knowing the person.  You feel alone yet connected to those who remain - tied together with the cords of a shared life.  You feel the quiet of the absence yet the memories of a life speak volumes.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of my dad.  The chemist.  The baker.  The airplane maker.  The camper and outdoor enthusiast.  The bridge player.  The one who was curious about just so many things.  He packed so much into his life.

So, on this one year anniversary of his death, we remember his full life and how it profoundly shaped ours. 

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Anonymous said...

Suzi- You are such a warrior and our hearts and prayers are with you during this sad one-year anniversary.

We didn't have the privilege of meeting him, but he must have been a wonderful dad and father to have nurtured you into the gracious, magnificent woman that you are today. His buttons would be popping at the pride of seeing you and Scott so happy and the grandson, Cooper, that you bore. You are a caring, loving Christian woman and the world is a better place because of the influence he had on you and the wonderful woman into which you have blossomed.

We love you and think of you every day. Our prayers are with you during this time of reflection. XOAJ