Friday, September 3, 2010


A few weeks ago I told this story while preaching at my Dad's church... now sharing with all of ya'll who weren't there.

Recently, I was grumbling about some insignificant issue.  I consider myself an Optimistic Realist, but sometimes that gets construed as a Cynical, Bitter Pessimist.  I know most of you think I'm just a happy-go-lucky, cheerful li'l pup, but I do have the potential to let out some steam.  And as I was ramping into a full-bore rant, this thought innocently bubbled up in the froth:

"What would Monty Showalter Do?"

Now, if you've never met Monty, let me tell you, I love him (and the rest of the Showalter family for that matter).  Monty is just so blasted happy all the time.  You can call him in the midst of an all-out typhoon of chaos and he'll say, “Man, isn’t God so good!?”  He's the positive to your negative every time.  He's a roving, international evangelist who can go into a country and reach out to people in such a simple, sincere way... showing the true love & compassion of God.  The only time I've seen him close to bent out of shape is when he saw missed opportunities at helping people.  Needless to say, my rant lost it's fizz and I was back on the uphill slog toward perfection and joy; all sunshine and rainbows.

I'm sure some of you reading today have a bracelet tucked away next to the yellow Live Strong one that asks, "What would Jesus do?"  Now, I get what Charles Sheldon was asking, but I’m not Jesus.  You see, from my chair & according to the Book I base my belief on, He’s God incarnate; the end and the beginning wrapped into One; He's the Word who become flesh and made his dwelling among us.  He’s the peace of storms and the healer of disease.; the Savior and Redeemer; the true friend who will never leave you or deceive you; the Lamb from whom shines the light of the Heavenly City...

On the flip side, I’m Scott McGarvey.
Son of Vernon McGarvey
Husband of Suzi
Father of Cooper Alexander
And according to the Psalms 51, I was built from birth in the exact opposite of Him. Really, I'm not even close.  I’m just not gonna naturally do what Jesus did.  

But I wonder what Jesus would do THROUGH me? What am I capable of when I allow Him to work in my life?  Peter would not have shown up under normal circumstances in Acts 3 to extend healing to that man at the Gate Beautiful. No way... he’d been on the Sea of Galilee with a fish on the line.  He wouldn’t be looking for ways to give God glory; before he met Jesus, he was looking for nets to mend and fights to pick.  He would have just as soon stabbed you as debate you!  But along the way from Capernaum to Jerusalem, Peter decided he loved Jesus more than anything else he'd encountered before and that made all the difference.
You don’t have to wonder what Jesus would do.  If you seek Him first, He’ll show you.  And you'll experience Life in a whole new light.

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Erin said...

sometimes the hardest part is Letting Go and Letting God. :) Nice blog.