Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cooper's Firsts: Shopping Carts

Cooper & I dropped off Suz for a dentist visit in downtown Columbia and did some running today on our own.  Hyvee opened a new store off Providence and I hadn't been by for a visit.  They've got the best tortilla chips, bar none.  But, that's not the news.  Cooper got his first shot at riding in a shopping cart and that means my li'l guy's all grown up now!  He sat up straight and pondered the world as it rolled backwards past his throne.  Not once did he lean down to take a chomp of the handle, which considering the impending teething, is quite miraculous.

Cooper Alexander, ladies & gents... He's a big boy now!


Anonymous said...

Growing up fast, Like you said the world comes at him backwards. Wait till you turn the car seat around and he looks foward. Then he will really be excited.

Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

I love his shoeless and sockless feet! Adorable!