Friday, September 3, 2010

Rollin' Cooper-Style

Yesterday, Cooper had a fun event called "Nurse Jackie Pokes Me With a Needle & I Scream Like a Banshee."

These are times that just shouldn't be missed.  Having not had enough of them in my life, I joined the fray to play Dad-Soother of Sobs.  Suzi's role was Mom-Arranger of Torture and Keeper of Official Papers Detailing Torture.  I like my role better 'cause it makes me look all comforting and sensitive and gets me points in the mother-in-law column.  Who doesn't need those?
Prior to the vaccination mini-vacation, Cooper got his vitals checked and weighed in at 19 lbs and 25" long.  Cooper was terribly interested in his results and where he stood in the percentile rankings.  He scanned the feedback sheet with a serious expression and then promptly tried to eat it.  Yellow must just taste better than white. 
Let me add while on the subject... We love, love, love Nurse Jackie & Dr. Misra on the Blue Team @ MU's Green Meadows Clinic.  Jaime & Heidi are using them, too, so there's this whole family banter thing that happens which puts mom & dad at ease.  They don't mind the endless list of questions, they tell you how they're treating their own kids (or grandkids) and they take time to bond with Cooper.  Plus, we rarely have to wait in the lobby... which goes a long way when, in that muted environment of blank, 1000-yard stares and magazine flipping, Cooper fills his shorts in Niagara proportions.  And then laughs out loud.  Yep, we'll be needing that examining room right now.

"Clean Up at Seat Six!" 

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Stacey said...

To funny....we sympathize with you!!!