Saturday, July 10, 2010

Your Name

I ran across this site quite by accident, but isn't that the beauty of surfing the web?  The good folks at the Social Security Administration have put your tax dollars to work and created a way cool database of names over the past 100 years.
Wanna know where you end up in the listing of your birth decade?  They've got it.  And then, for all us number crunchers, there's all kinds of ways to parse that info.  For instance, "Cullen" jumped in rank from 782 in 2008 to 485 in 2009... and "Maliyah" went from 638 to 296. Did you know Ryan is the top name for babies born in 2009 in Massachusetts? 
And the top names for twin girls? Isabella & Sophia 
Boys? Jacob & Joshua
Fun stuff for a slow day...

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