Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 Month Mark

On Thursday, Cooper will be three months old.  That means we've kept him alive for 90 days.
(Correction: Suzi has done all the nourishing; I just provided the Y chromosome & did some laundry.  Who knew these kids were so messy?) The timeframe's impressive when you consider that up to now our track record for living organisms included:
A) Moses, the beta that got flushed
B) Two cats- both given away
C) An ivy whose whereabouts are currently unknown, but was last seen boarding a bus to Albuquerque grumbling about finding more water out West than in its current environs.
So, with that 90 Day Benchmark accomplished we required some celebration and celebration calls for some Donuts Factory.  See, I've quickly realized that until the age of consent is reached, a kid's party is all about the parents.  Yep.  Until they squeal for Chuck E. Cheese, we're fulfilling our own dreams and today that meant a half dozen to go, please.  Cooper will get a chance to enjoy the fruits of our carry-out... just in a different format.
Suzi's talked about how the culture here is SO kid crazy.  We can't walk into any store without someone grabbing at the boy.  It's like a Bollywood interlude... people snapping their fingers and clapping.  I promise one day there's gonna be an orchestra swing out from behind a palm grove with Barry Manilow at the helm and blast into "At the Coopa, Coopa Cabana."
So, it was no surprise when we arrived at the Abdoun Donuts Factory and the Donut Dudes wanted to hold my baby.  Yes, grown men... reached out and took him behind the counter and then began snapping pictures with him.

But don't think that got us any freebie fritters or twists... nope, all that lovin's for free.  And we're happy to oblige.  He's such a cute kid,it's an offer we just couldn't resist.

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Sandra said...

Just love your posts. I don't blame the donut guys for grabbing know I would if he were anywhere near!!