Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back Home Again... Why?

If you're following the Family Blog or watching on FB, you know we're back in the US.  A couple of weeks ago, Dad started bleeding again.  The doctor said there are no further surgeries or treatments to be done, so we are now in the midst of a waiting game.  It was a very difficult decision, but after losing Suzi's dad unexpectedly in October, we didn't want to gamble on the chance to be with my dad during this stage of his life.  My family has never asked us specifically to come home for any reason, but this time they did and we agreed.
Thankfully, the bleeding in Dad's abdomen sealed itself off, however the result is that he is very weak.  He has managed to preach during one of the Sunday services, but it really saps his strength.  This is the weirdness of cancer.  It proceeds at its own pace.  Rapidly, slowly, it works its way through your system and the final path is only truly known after the fact.  While the medical field has pulled out of this fray, we're still very much in the midst.  We've not given up our faith in God's omnipotence but we're also trusting in His Grace to move with us in whatever His ultimate decision will be.
So, what's next for us?  Cooper & Suzi packed up the majority of their things.  They'll be in the States for the rest of the year.  Lord willing, I will return to Jordan sometime in the next 90 days to finish out our time there.  In the meantime, we're simply on the sidelines watching as my Dad plays the game of his life.  And we cheer every move.

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Stacey said...

We are behind is so important and what best....Grandpa spending time with baby.....precious memories to hang on to.

Praying for you all.