Monday, July 5, 2010

Cooper's Progress Report

So, Cooper's headed toward the 3 month mark, and you should know that we've produced a very cute kid.  It's not that we're biased.  Really.  Nearly 200 Arabic English students at an embassy sponsored July 4th event spontaneously burst into applause when their center's director brought him in front of the audience.  And 50% of post office employees ask about him every time I pay my utility bills (to be fair, there's only two ladies behind the desk & only one speaks English, but the stat's still legit!).
So, here's a few updates on our boy's life...
Cooper found his feet this week while I was playing with him.  There was this beat of inactivity and then this look of "Um... what else are you guys hiding from me?"  He has been studying them off and on the rest of the week
He laughed out loud – this really deep laugh – this morning when Suzi was tickling him.
Cooper's just desperate to sit up.  Every time you put him in his little seat (which reclines a bit), he spends a good deal of the time trying to lift himself up.  He’s actually pretty good at getting his shoulders off the ground.
He had his doctor’s check up a few days ago and got another vaccination.  The doctor said he looked great and everything was fine.  We’ll go back again toward the end of July.
On Saturday, he had an ultrasound of his hips to check for hip dysplasia.  Apparently, this is standard procedure for all babies here now, so we agreed to have it done.  Suzi said he was so good while they did the procedure.  He had to lay on one side while they scanned him and then Suzi flipped him over and they did the other side.  He didn’t make a peep and even smiled when Suzi got down at his level on the table.  The technicians did have a hard time keeping his legs in one place because he's constantly pedaling his legs!  Thankfully, everything looked normal.
Cooper's still having a wretched time going to sleep in the evenings.  We’re continuing to work with him to see what works best for him.  Poor little guy…there’s usually a lot of crying around here in the evenings.  Seriously, who wants to go to bed when there’s still so much to see and do?

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