Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Li'l BBQ Action

I have a great Weber gas grill in the States that gets an awful lot of use whenever I'm nearby.  We even had one way back in Prague.  When we first came to Amman in 2008, I built a cool, yet rudimentary, briquette 'cue, but I just don't have the patience for the charcoal.  I know...It's better than gas, blah, blah... but you know me... it's always the project that gets my attention.
When we moved to 3rd Circle, the draw of an open courtyard with no grill was too much.  I cobbled together a few pieces of here-and-there and, viola', a grill space appeared.  Now, you ask, "Scott, why not get some monster grill measured in square FEET of real estate instead of INCHES?"  Remember those import fees?  Yeah, they apply to grills, too.  Pricey.
So, with my BBQ partner nearby for some OJT... I'm headed out from some meat on the barbie.

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