Sunday, July 11, 2010

Great Mac App

This is for Apple users... you PC people can keep mindlessly surfing.  Or wait for your Blue Screen of Death to pop again.  Or whatever you PC people do.  Make spreadsheets or something.

(My.  Quite a bit of vitriol there on the PC people... sorry about that.)

I'm always switching audio output from my Mac to different components.  Sometimes I'm using my Plantronics 995H wireless.  Sometimes wired headphones.  And then if I'm in a sharing mood, I'll kick it over to the internals.
Getting thru System Prefs to make that change requires a crazy, multi-step process and I'm never happy as I'm trying to get it done.
Enter Rogue Amoeba and their cute li'l freebie app called Sound Source.  It pops up next your other system tools at the top of the screen and gives you fingertip access to input/output and a link to open Sound Pref.

Love it!

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