Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cooper Goes Kayaking

So, here's another one for the "First Times For Everything" album. 

Suz & I have long enjoyed getting out & about in our kayaks, but we haven't gotten Cooper in them yet. Over Memorial Day, we got up early and headed to Sugar Creek Lake. It was a gorgeous day! I held him in my lap and paddled over/in front of him (not the easiest, but worth every moment!). Cooper was characteristically quiet about the whole affair; taking everything in, intently observing the whole process. Eventually, he put his hand in the water. I don't think he'd ever been out on a big lake and he commented that the water looked like "apple juice!" 

Of course, we can't do anything without snacks, so, he had a box of Cheese-its on the work deck and kept me fed, as well. 

I love how small he looks in the boat picture... like a little peanut perched up front!

Niceness all around...!

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