Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Fridge... Again

A few weeks ago, I noted that my dishwasher had saved my 'fridge.

Soon after the repairs were complete, Suz noticed a puddle of water under the freezer door.  I said it was an errant ice cube that melted and blew it off.

It happened again.

And again.  This time bigger.

That's when we knew something was wrong.

Yesterday, I finally took the time to do a quick web search on "Water is leaking under my Samsung Refrigerator."

(Why did I wait so long?  Because the towel in front of the fridge was doing a fine job of corralling the flood... i.e. it hadn't gotten bad enough.  Typical male, I know, but I digress.)

I found my answer and went to work.

Basically, your fridge cools things off, and in doing so, creates condensation.  That has to go somewhere to evaporate, so there's a drain below the radiator thingy to remove it.  If that drain gets plugged with gunk or, as in my case, frozen over, the water leaks into the main compartment.

First, I had to clear the shelves and remove the back panel of the freezer, exposing the evaporator.  At the base is a small pan with a drain.  A hairdryer melted off the excess ice, hot water dissipated the internal frozen mass I couldn't get to and within an hour the line was open.

To say the least, I'm pretty happy with myself... that first gurgle of draining water nearly brought tears to my eyes.

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