Friday, June 22, 2012

SUZI: What’s In a Name?

I was recently at a playground where another mom heard me call Cooper by name.  She told me she really liked his name.

And then she asked if he was named after Alice Cooper.  

The heavy metal rock star Alice Cooper.  

Scary Alice Cooper.  

I wanted to laugh out loud. 

The thought of someone looking at me and thinking I’d name my son after Alice Cooper was hilarious to me.  I’m Pollyanna in comparison, people.  Pollyanna with sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and gumdrops and Care Bears.

In fact, Cooper’s name came from James Fenimore Cooper (as in the author who wrote Last of the Mohicans).  He’s not exactly named after him but was just inspired by it.  I was desperately searching trying to come up with boy names before Cooper was born.  I thought a literary name might be nice, so I was scanning hundreds of authors’ names.  I came across Mr. Cooper and voila!

Cooper Alexander McGarvey.

I thought the name was a good strong, solid one.  Thankfully Scott agreed!

The name Cooper means  “barrel maker.”  If you’ll notice Cooper’s barrel chest, strength and great physical agility, I think you’ll agree that the name suits him nicely!

Sorry, Mr. Alice Cooper, no namesake for you here!

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