Friday, May 25, 2012

Finish is for Clean Dishes

So back to why my dishwasher wasn't cleaning anymore...

After the repair guy had gone through every nook and cranny of my washer, and declared it, well, a slacker... he added an interesting caveat: It doesn't matter what detergent we buy anymore.  Nearly every detergent on the market is phosphate-free. 

That's good for the environment, but bad for clean dishes.  See, phosphates make all the junk on your plates disappear (well, there's a serious scientific discussion there, but who's got time for that right now?  Google it, yourself).  But phosphates also make algae grow like nuts in water, which consumes all the oxygen and kills off the fishes and stuff.  In 2010, a handful of states banned phosphate detergent and the likes of P&G got on the consumer bandwagon and did nixed it brand-wide.

Yea for clean water!

Boo for clean dishes!

Combine ineffective detergent with high efficiency, ultra-quiet machinery and you've got a recipe for unhappy Americans (because everyone else obviously is washing their stuff by hand... in a stream or something).  The detergents just can't do the job as well anymore.

So, Suzi started checking around and found Finish detergent additive. I'm here to say it absolutely works.  First time out, it was winner.  Dishes and glasses are noticeably cleaner.  There's no question.  And it's phosphate-free.  Why we have to add one more thing to our detergent-additive-power rinse cycle I don't understand, but for now, the pile's outta the sink.

And that means we're happy as clams over here.

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