Monday, May 10, 2010

Jordan Post Visit

We're lucky to have a Jordan Post office right around the corner.  Along the normal shipping stuff, it's where we pay electrical & water bills.
Cooper took a walk around the block to pay the church's electric bill today (a staggering $8.90).  As soon as we stepped inside, the normally blase' ladies behind the counter got all excited.  Cooper was scooped up to get a first hand look at the intricate workings of the Jordan Postal System.  Apparently, that comes with intimate expressions, blessings from God and somewhat stern interrogations of Dad as to why he's out and about at 3 weeks old.
"Oh, you're so cute!"  *kisses/kisses/kisses*
"You shouldn't have him here!" *oodles of kisses*
"He should not go outside!" *Tickles under the chinnychinchin*
Now who am I to keep this little bundle of joy from lightening up a set of postal maids?  Despite their protests, I think it's worth it.

1 comment:

Jaime said...

Yup! Now I know how Mama felt when she took us out in public! She always said people had a fit over us. feels pretty nice...