Monday, May 10, 2010

Chinny... chin... um, chin

Yes, I had to Google "chinny chin chin" to make sure I was spelling it correctly.  Those English lit majors will, no doubt, immediately recall the heady days of discovering the written word and how challenged you were by the story of The Three Little Pigs.  Oh, who can forget the dastardly deeds of that Wolf and pre-hiphop trash talk of the Pigs who finally outsmarted him with their intrepid construction skilz?
The first site that popped was  Was it a social commentary on the double or split or "Leno" protuberance? Nope, it's artist Ruth Bellotti's take on us... the middle class, the urban jungle and all the modern trappings we find indispensable.  I can't decide what I liked best... the 1:1 scale toy soldier, the Big Mac box locket or the burned out hulks of model cars.  It's good to poke at yourself just to make sure you're not taking life too seriously and for $25 Ruth will sell you a predoodled notebook to make a note of it.

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