Thursday, April 9, 2009

This Week

Today I have to say I'm a bit distracted.  I'm supposed to be preparing for Palm Friday.  We're going to talk about John following Jesus to cross... and our need to follow Him today... both for salvation and in all things, giving thanks, no matter what the circumstance.  I'd been prepping this idea (actually out of an email my dad sent to me last week) but having no idea what this week would hold.  Ironic how the preacher gets to preach to himself sometimes.

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I looked in the mirror and told myself, "My dad's been diagnosed with colon cancer."  I've been saying that to myself throughout the day.  Maybe just getting used to the sound of it.  How the connection of "dad" and "cancer" sound in the same breath.  I know it's not unheard of... many in our families have experienced this... and I can't say I never thought it wouldn't happen, but now that we're in the midst of this experience, however harrowing, I have to say it's rather surreal.

My family's just always been on the other side of the bed.  The ones who are lightly tapping on the door, poking our head in with an optomistic smile and light eyes that say, "Hey, we're here and we're gonna pray and God's gonna touch you and then it's gonna be alright."  We hold hands, pat (gently!) and make sure there's a cassarole waiting when you get home.

And now we're on the other side.

And it's just an odd feeling.

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