Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm 35 today.

And I just posted on FB that I'm the happiest I think I've ever been.  I'm probably also under more stress than I've ever been... carrying more responsibility than I've ever had... I'm further away from my family, my gear, the life I've always known than ever before.  And I'm right where I'm supposed to be... at 35.

I don't think I planned this.  In fact, I'm positive I didn't.  This isn't the life I chose... it's chosen me.  And I'm so glad I agreed to come along for the ride.

OK... enough serious stuff!  PRESENTS!!!  Some of the church folks gave me a very cute card with a couple of ties (what else do you get the pastor!).  Suzi picked up a cake and box of sweets from Fantastic Cake and gave me all these cool little gift boxes she made full of fun li'l things... like U2's new CD, a Donuts Factory gift card... you know, the good stuff!

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