Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Socks & Soge & Sand (still!)

A couple of years ago, Jan & Sasha gave me a set of Acorn socks for Christmas.  Now, before you go on about lousy presents and inlaws, let me tell you something... I love these socks.  I'd been jealous of Jan's for years on those cold Mid-MO nights and now I had a pair of my own.  Guess what?  Last year, I got a pair of blue ones, too... Let's see Santa top that! So, I brought the brown pair with me, thinking, you know, maybe the floor might be cold in February or something... yeah... I'm STILL wearing them! I've singed them so many times off the heater that the bottoms have that marshmallow crustiness.  I'm getting another pair to bring back.
We've had the pleasure of working with Soge for the past year.  He's part of the culinary staff at several restaurants in town.  Soge's a faithful Christian who is returning home to see his family in Indonesia this week.  We'll miss his guitar at our Sunday afternoon Bible Studies!  
The 50 Days of Sand continue... we've got an antihistamine running 24-7 to keep the sinuses open for business.  One day it'll be clear and blue skies, the next day you can barely see across the next wadi.  Craziness that's supposed to end in mid-May... please!

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