Friday, March 20, 2009

Facebook, et al

OK... I've been officially sucked into Facebook.  If you want to know my daily, mundane or otherwise, activities, you're gonna have to stop by there (see link).  I didn't think I'd like it, but it's great touching base quickly with people who've dropped off your radar... for good or bad.  I'll still keep updating the blog here since it allows for longer messages, and there's still a lotta folks who haven't or won't take the FB plunge.  You know who you are... stay strong and resist.

So... a few tidbits:  we had dinner with some of our Sri Lankan friends tonight... they held off on the spice a bit for our sake, but it was still just so tasty!
This weekend in Jordan is Mother's Day and our church celebrated with some fun during the service.  Here are a few of our moms from the noon service... quite a cross-section of nationalities... it's so cool to be part of this group.

We made a quick run to Mt. Nebo this past week with Christy, one of our Aimers.  It was a beautiful day and you could see Jericho, Palestine, the Dead Sea... it was so clear.  Kind of a coolness factor... we met some of our Filipino friends who were there on a day off!

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Tammy said...

Yeah! I am so happy to see you again. You two look so great and what you are doing for the Lord is amazing. I have a FB link, but have not been on here's to your new FB adventures. Love you, The Aslesens