Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's March...

And it's beautiful.  The rain's stopped, it's in the high 70's (low 20's) and the house is starting to warm up after a cold winter (which means we don't have to huddle around the heater like Bob Cratchet!).  We did get snow last week... which Facebook fans know got me all excited.

We've commenced walking at least 30 minutes several times a week in the neighborhood.  Lest you think, "Oh, 30 min isn't too long to get your heartrate up," you should see the hills we live around.  Amman, and the surrounding environs, fluctuate several hundred feet in the matter of a block or so.  Of course, you never know what you'll meet along the way... this week some Bedouins invited us for tea (we politely refused) and we had to dodge some pretty frisky goats.  We get our workout in... don't worry.

Our neighbor was kind enough to let me scale his wall and grab some lemons off the top of his tree.  Ever picked fresh lemons?  These things smelled great and Suz made some crazy lemonade... (yep, life gave us lemons, yada yada...).

Today I went with our neighbor to get new tires on the Camry and have it inspected and registered.  As in the States, the inspection and registration process is set up by the gov't.  However, like many staples here in Jordan (bread, water, gas), the insurance price is also set as a flat rate, based on the car.  We went to Marka and ran from one building to another, getting official stamps, signatures, inspections, paying fees, etc.  We're grateful all went well and there were no tickets!

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