Thursday, June 30, 2011

SUZI: Liking 36

I’ve never had a problem telling my age.  Some people might say that that’s because I’not that old.  But I’m planning on always freely giving my age when asked.  I have more wrinkles around my eyes than ever before.  I’ve noticed the skin on my neck is a little looser than it used to be.  I have more grey hair than I’ve ever had.  I won’t be covering them up…I’ve earned every one of them!   But right now I’m really enjoying being 36.

I recently had an incident happen to me that made me realize I’m happy with where I am in life.  I had just finished having my teeth cleaned at the dentist and needed to run to the restroom before I hit the road.  Our dentist remodeled a few years ago and has a lovely space…natural paper wallpaper, soothing earth tones, local art.  It’s all lovely.  The only problem?  The lock on the bathroom door is odd.  It’s just this little lever-thingie on the handle that you push over.  It’s hard to know if you’ve locked the door.  You can’t test it because pushing down on the handle to see if you’ve actually locked the door actually opens the door.  Sooooo….someone knocked on the door.  I responded.  He didn’t hear me and tried the door.  (Can anyone guess at this point what happened next?)  Apparently, it wasn’t locked.

In an effort to be discreet, let’s just say that he didn’t see anything.  However, I could tell this man was mortified by what just happened.  I hurried up and finished and decided that I would laughingly tell him about how difficult it is to tell if the door is locked and make some sort of small talk to make this stranger feel better.  However, when I opened the door, he was standing in the hallway, turned completely away from the door, his back to me and his arms crossed.  He wouldn’t look at me or say anything.  I thought it best at that point to just slip past him without saying a word.

As I was heading out the door, the only words that came to mind were, “Sir, I’ve given birth…in the Middle East…this little incident cannot possibly faze me in the least bit.”  I giggled as I walked to my car.  I truly felt sorry for the guy.

There was a day when I would have been the mortified one.  I would have apologized all over myself.  I would have played the incident in my head over and over.  I would have felt stupid.  But instead, I laughed.  It’s funny what grace and life teach you.

Yeah, I’m really liking 36.

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