Friday, June 24, 2011

"Green" Grass mowing

First off, I'd like to thank a previous owner of our property for putting in the retaining wall in the front yard.  I love retaining walls and am excited I didn't have to deal with the headache.  They also planted these lovely lilies which happened to bloom this last week.  I've never had lilies blooming in my front yard.  I feel special.

And all this talk of yards means that, yes, I have a yard and thus, I have a yard to mow.  I haven't had that pleasure since...ah, maybe 2004 when we lived on Windsor.  I don't have a large yard.  It's a decent amount, a postage stamp up front, but long, narrow and sloping out back (perfect for another retaining wall!).  
When looking for a lawn mower I got all goose-pimply about a reel mower.  Yep, like old-school Leave it to Beaver kind of thing.  Fiskars (of scissors and sharp things fame) decided to put their prowess to work on turf reduction in a grand scale.  No trimming here.  Their Momentum reel mower drags your grandpa's torturous process into the Jetsons' realm.  It's smooth, sharp as a razor and requires no gas.  There's 4 inch height adjustment and near edge-to-edge cutting.  Do I sound like I bought one?  You bet I did.  And now I can listen to the cicadas scratching out their dirge instead of a Briggs & Stratton muffler.  The neighbors ask questions... kids walking by want to try it out.  It's pretty cool. 

Now, it's not all roses and rainbows.  You have to stay on a pretty short schedule or the lawn length will get away from you.  The longer weeds and dandelions don't get sucked in like a convention mower, so you have to go back and get them by hand (see shot below... there's long weed sticking up right in front!).  And it doesn't work well without long straight, smooth lines to cut.  You can't do short hops easily.  I'm having to fill in spots in my yard from burrowing canines... it just makes for a happier experience.  Overall, I'm pleased as punch with the thing.  Plus, it's great cardio.  Swing by... I'll let you take it for spin.

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