Monday, June 13, 2011

Is he getting this?

We've been working on the house pretty hard... Suz all day and me once I cut loose from the desk.  Cooper's been right there in the middle of it with us, sometimes in one hand while the other hand is scrubbing or drilling or painting.  It's an old house and there's plenty of corners to clean.  If you wonder how much time you spend doing something, maybe you should turn around and see what your kids are doing... chances are, they're imitating you.

Tonight, we were putting together a futon for Cooper's room (I know, it's never too early to get them ready for college... next he gets a lava lamp and a mini-fridge of Red Bull; there's another story to that, but it's not my point here.). So, I turn around and in walks Cooper with a screwdriver he picked up.  He goes right to the boards and starts trying to tighten the screws down.  One by one.  Well, we're just proud as punch, but then he leaves and comes back with a brush from the bathroom... and begins to scrub the thing down.

Yep, we're teaching him something alright, at least he'll be clean... hopefully it doesn't scar him for life!

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Anonymous said...

How adorable! And when you're finished, Coop, I've got a few things you can help your Uncle Ted with!!