Monday, June 20, 2011

Yuck... again.

Some of you may remember the flood we experienced in Jordan.  While we enjoyed the country, that was one event we'd rather not have had to do over.  (Insert maniacal laughter here... and foreshadowing music that lets you know, the following ain't gonna be pretty.)

We've moved into an 85 year-old house.  We've lived in these types of places before.  We know the character that comes with the property.  Creaking floors, scary basements, it's all part of the game.  One of the first items of business was a carpet cleaner.  We'd noticed some... odors.  Now, I'd like to give this word of warning to those of you with cats.  I've lived with cats.  I know what they're capable of.  If they're not happy, they'll take a dump in your shower (personal experience with that one).  And if they're using your closet instead of their box, no amount of carpet shampoo or smelly soaps will clean it up.

After the cleaner dude was gone, there was still a lingering atmosphere that just had to go.  First, we stripped the carpet out of Cooper's closet, bleached the floor and continued our "sniff-tests."  We're talkin' nose to the... um... grindstone.  While the front entry way wasn't in terrible shape, we'd had some comments from more gentile nostrils.  When I pulled back the carpet our fears were confirmed.

 But it was when we pulled back the padding we knew we'd entered a new level of reconstruction.  We bleached and scrubbed.  And bleached and scrubbed.  And at the end of the night it looked better.  But, you can be pretty sure this isn't the end... anybody wanna do some unexpected carpet shopping?

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