Thursday, August 5, 2010

Train Wreck Taco

I'm back in the world of Fast Food and mustard-smothered sodium dumps.  This morning I read this little tidbit about everything I love to eat, but loathe to keep.  And then, naturally, had to read this bad news to know where my last 10 meals ranked in the opinion of those smarties over at Men's Health.  Do you know for the past few years, I have a Wendy's Baconator as my first meal back in the States?  Yep, just south of Chitown on Hwy 55, we pull over for a little welcome home... American style.
So, I was complaining on FB a few weeks ago that there were no decent Mexican places in Amman... not even a Taco Bell to pretend at... and of course, a few folks got their wubbies in a bunch that I'd ventured to put TB in the same vein as Tex-Mex anything (TB... my, but that's an unfortunate abbreviation... not at all classy like FB).
Now I'm rambling, but honestly trying to set the stage for the above pic.  I ran by the Bell tonight.  On my way back from Wal-Mart.  (It was on the way!)  Actually, the sign for the new Cantina Taco caught my eye and pushed me into the turn lane.  I'm boring when it comes to Mexican: Chicken Chimichanga at El Vaquero and crunchy tacos anywhere else.  But, I'm always game for the new menu item.

“Our Cantina Tacos are based upon authentic-style Mexican street tacos, which are designed using simple, fresh ingredients, that customers regard as high quality,” said Taco Bell Cop chief marketing officer David Ovens.

I have to say, the lime slice and foil wrap were a nice touch, 'cause, you know, it's from a Cantina... just around the corner from the beach or someplace hip and cool.  The truth, Dave? It's terrible. 
OK, I'm being dramatic.  It's tasteless.  And not in that wife-beater/gold chain/fake Jersey accent way.  The shell is that soft corn style that's too loose to stay together; irritating but understandable if it surrounds delictable goodness.  It doesn't.  I've had street-side Mexican (the famous $5 fajita!) and this isn't it.  $1.79 wasted... and $5.79 for all three versions?  I'll run by Max's place, instead.

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