Monday, August 16, 2010

Night Lights

The Perseids meteor shower blew through our atmosphere this past weekend and I did my intergalactic part to welcome those specks of comet snot.  I was all ramped up about the predicted 60 shots per hour and stayed up with the crickets and coyotes till 3AM to see... count 'em... TEN total shooting stars.

Yeah... 10.

So, in the meantime I was fiddling around with my camera to see if I could capture some planetary goodness for posterity.  I shot several hundred frames at 30 to 60 second intervals at anywhere from 400 to 1600 ISO.  I got plenty of this:
But after hours of punching the remote every 30 seconds, I got bored and turned to a more terrestrial muse, resulting in this:
My only captured extraterristerial traveler was some flight of fancy, probably originating from Midway and heading to an exotic locale such as Tulsa.  By that point the cries of coyotes were dancing clearly across the beans and my heart was set on a bed and instead of the stars.  But it's shots like these that keep me staring into the heavens!

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