Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Batteries & Service with a Smile

Often there's a disconnect between the theory of customer service and the reality we all experience.  Back in 2007, I brought a battery for our '01 Ford Focus at Autozone in Columbia.  While we're overseas, the car squats quietly in storage, contemplating the next time it's v-treads get to taste pavement again.  Dad periodically checks in on the little guy to make sure it's able crank over.  When we returned this this time, he said the battery had gone kaput... nada, nil.  Sure enough, I jumped it, only to have it die after running for 30 minutes or so.
Long afternoon short, I'm usually pretty good about warranties and receipts, but this time around I misplaced my paperwork.  I walked into Autozone in Moberly, and was promptly greeted by Clifford, who ran a diagnostic check on the battery (dead as doornail was the official result), located my file from the Columbia store and swapped the battery using a pro-rated warranty.  He even installed the thing and put the goop and o-rings on it to make sure corrosion wouldn't rear its ugly head.
I was so pleased, I called Kip (no kidding), the district manager, to applaud his team... and then I went all blogo about it so you'd know, too.
Good folks out there at Autozone.
Oh, and the receipt's now in the glovebox, just in case.

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Sara said...

Yup, Autozones in Tennessee are great, too. Jorge...or "George" for his American customers was excellent. He replaced both my headlights on an extremely hot day...and didn't have an ill word to say!