Monday, August 23, 2010

Lee's In Amman?!

Jordan has Popeye's, KFC and now Lee's... Chicken is good business!  Now, if we could just get Wendy's and a Sonic...

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RockerDude24 said...

I was just at Mecca Mall last night and saw that they are opening a Chicken Revolution there ..... lol .... Black Silhouettes of chickens with Chez Guevara hats with a white star on them ....... definitely interesting!

I find that Amman has a commonality with India and that is chicken ..... lol Although in India they do not have Popeyes,KFC,Lees or the Chicken Revolution; India has Chik King, Sit down fast food with waiters, kind of an odd combination but then again what country doesn't have its quirks .... lol.