Friday, April 20, 2012

Advantage Real Estate

Even before we returned to the States in 2011 we'd been house-hunting.  We'd find something online, my family would go scout the place out and report back... thumbs up/down.  This is how we ran into Christy Ames.

There was a house.  On a street.  In Moberly.  We thought it was the one.  Christy showed it to us in early April.  It was not the one for us.

A couple of days later we were driving through general area and happened upon another place... and immediately called Christy.  Who was on her way to run a marathon in STL.  Who set up a showing the next day.  And we had a contract on the house within a week of the sign going up.

She was cool, nice to Cooper and easy to work with... all things you'd expect out of a successful realtor.  She gave us great advice throughout the entire process and hooked us up with a super inspector (who provided a very cool, online report of the house).

Where Christy got me was on post-sale follow-up.  Postcards at various points.  Holiday greetings.  Daylight Savings Time reminders (I'm not making this up).  And then it's January.  And we get a letter with a reminder about including the purchase of our house in our tax preparations.  That was unexpected, but what really knocked it over the fence?   She included a copy of our closing statement in case the one we originally received wasn't conveniently located (aka: it was lost).

I just called her a couple of days ago about a survey of our property.  "Working on that fence?" she asked.  Yep... she remembered my fence issue a year later.  She had a surveyor to recommend, but pointed me to the Assessor's page for a free resource first. 

Good stuff over there at Advantage.

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