Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It took us awhile to get to the *Big Store That Sam Built* after we got back.  Maybe a week or more?  In Moberly, the options for groceries are reasonable, but not substantial.  My first time out foraging with Cooper in his mobile stage was a blast... I love to watch him wander the aisles, exploring, learning, poking and dragging this or that off the shelf.

We were tagging along after Suz at the helm of the Guiding Cart when I heard Cooper squawk behind me.  This usually means a new discovery or sheer glee.  The treasure he'd found?  Yeah... this boy's 100%, grade A pure kid.  Anyone else who doesn't stand at rapt attention in front of a million pack of gum balls?  Yep, happiness is your bowlful.

So, we rounded the corner and my ever-observant miniature inventory clerk called a halt to the consumables convoy.  Maybe he'd noticed in his fridge scouring that we'd run a little low.  Maybe I really do drink too much of the stuff.  Whatever the case, Cooper made sure to point out the 24-packs were being passed up and wasn't too pleased when we trundled off without one for us.  He's watching and taking notes... there's no doubt.

I do love that kid.  I truly do.

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